Thursday, November 20, 2008

James Rhett Gladden
8lb 11oz
20 in
The name James is after Justin's father who has passed. He will be going by his middle name, Rhett.
Waiting Impatiently
Dr. Johnson - He also delivered Lola






Grandma Grace






Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Has Arrived
It doesnt much look like Fall in Arizona but we are feeling the weather change slowly and sometimes abruptly. This weekend we went to 3 little fall festivals, one each night. Lola was in heaven because she loves to go go go. She walks around asking to get into her car seat so she can just be going I guess.

This year Lola is a kitty cat because every time she sees a cat she gets so excited. She will chase it or point at it in a book saying, "meow, meow, meow." And boy does she have a good "meow."

She already wiped off part of her nose by the time I took the photo but she would barely let me put any face paint on to begin with.

Here are the photos from a carnival that a church put on in our town

Pony Ride

Riding the with her big cousin Gabrielle

As we walked by this she went nuts say, " boat, boat, boat." We thought she would be afraid to go in by herself but was ready to jump into the water and thought it was so fun.

Bouncy Ball, she was cracking up

This little petting zoo is what I thought she would love, but I think she actually was a little board.
Side, Side
This is what Lola says when she wants to go outside. That along with shoes and hat. It is her most favorite thing, she could sit in a pile of dirt and be happy as long as she is outside. So since we dont have much to do outside here is how we beat the heat with Lola.
Lawn mower rides with daddy

Splashing around in the kiddy pool while running around the yard naked chasing Bo

Lolas First Hair Cut

Doesnt look like much of a difference huh, well it was. She was so wonderful the whole time too. She just sat on Justins lap and looked at herself in the mirror, I was prepared for the worst. I brought every comforting thing imaginable like her binky and her bear and her blanket. Anyhow it was a good experience and she looked 'pretty' in Lolas words.

Baby & Momma Update
36 weeks and 2 days (10.23.08)
So I was cleared from bedrest a while ago, the placenta moved up!!!!
I had an ultra sound the day this picture was taked because now they are concerned about the size of the baby, they say he is big. He measures 2 weeks and 3 days ahead of schedule. Somewhere between 7 1/4 and 9 1/4 pounds. I dont know how much I believe it though, I have heard so many stories when they tell the mom the baby is huge and then they aren't at all. We will figure out what we are doing soon, as far as a possible induction or whatever because my next appointment is on thursday, the 30th. A thought that lingers in the back of my mind is the size my husband was at birth, 10 1/2 pounds --- HUGE!! I just really dont want that. As of tomorrow morning I have exactly 3 weeks to my due date, November 18th. I had lola 2 weeks before her due date so I am praying this one will be the same. My bags are packed and all ready to go!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Growing Belly / Baby Boy Update

week 20 (5 months)

week 21

week 26

week 27

week 28 (7 months)

week 31 (7 3/4 months)

Taken today - September 16th, 2008

Update on our pregnancy

At 18 weeks of pregnancy we had the ultrasound that told us the sex of our baby, a boy. It also revealed that we were having a very healthy pregnancy so far with the exception of a condition called placenta previa. You can read all about it here at this link. So I was put on something they call pelvic rest which is no house cleaning or heavy lifting and just taking it easy. We had another ultrasound scheduled for 28weeks of pregnancy to check the placenta location. It had moved up but still considered marginal placenta previa, so I was not entirely out of the woods and still on pelvic rest. The very next day (August 27th) I started bleeding and so we rushed off to the hospital. I honestly thought I was going to maybe stay over night then go home the next morning, if not just stay a couple hours then be released. However, the bleeding sent me into labor and I started dilating with contractions only 3 min. apart. The doctors briefed us on premature babies and the whole thing, it was an emotional whirl wind. I ended up staying 3 nights all while being closely monitored and given magnesium to stop the contractions, which, by the way, makes you so so dizzy. We then were released with everything under control on August 30th and I was put on modified bed rest. This, as the doctor describes it, is always laying down or sitting down, preferably in a reclined position. I am only to be up when I have to use the restroom, take a shower, or eat. It has been very challenging for our family, each of us in our own way. I am going a little crazy but thankful that now at 31 weeks we still have a baby boy tucked safely inside of me. My husband has taken over as Mr. Mom and is doing a magnificent job. Lola is affected as well, she is not use to the inconsistency and different people taking care of her, she is getting away with a lot and I think loving it. Her strong will is definitely showing through during this time of change. Mimi and Nana have also made big adjustments and sacrifice to help us out a lot. Since I cannot take care of our daughter Justin has been receiving helping hands from both grandmas. Currently we have another ultrasound scheduled for next week to see if the placenta has migrated far enough up my uterus for me to function normally again. So we are praying that it has moved but I am also nervous that I will go into labor again, hopefully the medication they have me on will prevent that from happening. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Again our due date is November 18th.

Yes, the college football season has officially started and our house is full of ASU spirit and fans. Justin has been enjoying the games, unfortunatly without me because of the whole bedrest thing, but Lola and I have been cheering them on from home. Lola loves wearing her ASU Jersey and cheerleading outfit, she even has pom poms.

GO ASU!!!!!

Ok this is the funniest video! I can totally see Justin doing this with Lola to encourage her ASU spirit.