Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Has Arrived
It doesnt much look like Fall in Arizona but we are feeling the weather change slowly and sometimes abruptly. This weekend we went to 3 little fall festivals, one each night. Lola was in heaven because she loves to go go go. She walks around asking to get into her car seat so she can just be going I guess.

This year Lola is a kitty cat because every time she sees a cat she gets so excited. She will chase it or point at it in a book saying, "meow, meow, meow." And boy does she have a good "meow."

She already wiped off part of her nose by the time I took the photo but she would barely let me put any face paint on to begin with.

Here are the photos from a carnival that a church put on in our town

Pony Ride

Riding the with her big cousin Gabrielle

As we walked by this she went nuts say, " boat, boat, boat." We thought she would be afraid to go in by herself but was ready to jump into the water and thought it was so fun.

Bouncy Ball, she was cracking up

This little petting zoo is what I thought she would love, but I think she actually was a little board.

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